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Are you currently exploring the technology market for new senior level job opportunities? Gravitas has over 14 years’ experience building valuable relationships within the Private, Public, and Non-Profit sectors, finding market-leading opportunities across C-Suite, leadership and senior level appointments. 

Our industry-leading experts provide a personalised service using market insights and intelligence, headhunting and job matching, along with package negotiation when finding you the most suitable opportunities.

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Leadership roles (Head of)

Our specialist teams recruit for all leadership positions in Technology. We help candidates find ‘Head of’ positions that typically oversee operational activities and services. Many of our ‘Head of’ professionals are hand’s on when fulfilling their technical responsibilities. 

Its common for our ‘Head of’ candidates to manage other managers, helping to guide workforce productivity and its efficiency. They set goals, oversee project progress and ensure delivery is at best practice. 

The key roles we recruit for include:

  • Programme Manager
  • Head of IT
  • Head of Engineering
  • Head of Architecture
  • Head of Data / Business Intelligence / Data Science
  • Head of Information Security
  • Head of Transformation / Business Change 
  • Head of Digital / Mobile / Product
  • Head of Service Delivery 

Senior or Director level

The natural next step for a ‘Head of’ individual is Director-level, and we’ve helped hundreds of candidates achieve their senior career goals. We work with a variety of experienced Senior and Director candidates, understanding that their responsibilities and skills will vary, depending on their chosen specialist area, organisation, and the overall workforce size and team allocation. 

Our Director level candidates demonstrate long-term valuable experience and guidance, often managing external relationships with shareholders, managing budgets, as well as oversight of the organisation's strategic direction. 

Typical Director level positions we recruit for include:

  • IT / Technology Director 
  • Engineering Director
  • Director of Architecture
  • Product Director
  • Director of Data / Digital 
  • Information Security Director
  • Transformation Director
  • Programme Director

Executive level or C-Suite

We have helped some of the best Executives find C-Suite tech roles within their organisation, be that within the Public Sector, Private Sector or Non-Profit. Commonly our C-Suite positions fall within technology, product, security, finance and business transformation, with larger organisations, often requiring more specific exec roles. 

Our clients are looking for Executive’s that are goal-orientated, experienced in strategic delivery, programme management, P&L, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions and private equity. 

We cover all areas across the C-Suite, including:

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) 
  • Chief Technology Officer  
  • Chief Transformation Officer 
  • Chief Data Officer 
  • Chief Digital Officer  
  • Chief Product Officer

Top tips on how to stand out when looking for an Executive level job 

Guidance provided by UK Technology Director, Jo Callaghan

What does an effective CV look like?

It might have been a while since you last reviewed your CV so its important that you can show your impact as concisely as possible. Remember if Board Members are involved in the hiring process, they don’t have a huge amount of time to read long CVs. Try to condense your CV to 2-3 pages long, demonstrating your valuable experience in the job roles that align with Executive level responsibilities. You should be clear on the impact you have made as well as the achievements you have delivered in each organisation. 

Real thought leaders contribute to their wider network  

Thought leadership is key to being successful in a senior level position. Demonstrate your experience by attending quality networking events, offering to speak at conferences or even by providing content to share with your industry. Become known as a leader how can help unlock opportunities, while inspiring others in your space using your valuable knowledge and experiences. 

Soft skills are just as important

Executive level positions require collaboration, working with stakeholders from a variety of different departments. Whilst leading from the top, it's important to have effective communication and personability as you bring people along a journey with you whether it’s strategy, transformation, or goal achievement. 

Be respectful, motivating and inclusive, and you’ll naturally find others listen to what you have to say, helping you to have more impact. 

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