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Are you looking for your next software development job? Gravitas are award-winning software recruitment experts. We have been helping tech professionals to get hired by some of the top businesses in the UK for over 14 years. 

We fuel innovation by supporting specialisms that underpin development, transformation and growth, working with talented professionals and businesses across key growth areas such as Greentech, Insurtech, Healthtech, and Fintech.

From Junior Developer to Full-Stack Developer, our expert consultants can help provide career guidance on the hottest new skills you need to be learning, as well as the most in demand job opportunities, including JavaScript, C#, DevOps, Mobile, and Product Development.

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Top software development job niches in demand


JavaScript offers plenty of opportunity as a developer. From optimising webpages to backend engineering, our clients are looking for candidates across a variety of roles, including: 

  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer 
  • Mobile Developer (React Native)
  • Web Developer

E-Commerce, Finance, Digital Agencies and Technical Consultancies are commonly hiring JavaScript Developers, with skillsets including; web programming (i.e. HTML/CSS), web application frameworks (i.e. Mobile, React Native, Angular, VUE.js, NEXT.js, Node), and data algorithms. 


A popular object-orientated programming language created by Microsoft, C# is used to develop applications and programmes on the .NET platform. 

With most companies using .NET, developers specialising in C# continues to be rich in demand. We help C# professionals find a variety of roles, including:

  • C# Developer 
  • .NET Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Backend Developer

As a cutting-edge language, companies are utilising C# towards website or app development and enterprise cross-platform applications in industries such as Healthcare and Finance.


DevOps combines practices, tools and philosophies towards the software development lifecycle. Some key roles include:

  • DevOps Manager
  • Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Automation Engineer 

DevOps specialists have strong knowledge across technical architecture, system administration with traditional developer skills such as coding and automation.

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Product Development

Product development teams combine business, engineering, and design skills to meet new requirements with the development of new products and services. 

Successful product development requires teams with strong technical backgrounds, research & market analysis and user understanding. We recruit for a variety of Product roles including: 

  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner 
  • Technical Business Analyst 

Product development is a broad field, inclusive to a variety of sectors. However, technology and the finance industry have the most demand for Product Managers in a move towards new digital products and tools. 

Mobile Development

Mobile Development is a significant area of technology, creating software applications for mobile devices with cross-platform frameworks such as React Native, Node, Flutter, Ionic, Swift and Kotlin. Requirements for Mobile Developers vary, including:

  • Flutter Developer
  • React Native Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer

With a continuous growth in demand, Mobile Developers are in the most demand with our clients in Finance, Technology, Healthcare and E-Commerce. 

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Top tips to get hired in software development

Guidance from Director, Joseph Thushe 

Never stop learning – tech is constantly evolving

As a Software Developer, you can develop your career in two ways. Firstly, you may choose to become a niche specialist; perfecting the coding languages you use or build experience in a particular product, with the aim of being an expert in a specific area. Alternatively, you might want to broaden your skillset by exploring what other programming languages you can learn or projects you can gain experience from. Both career paths thrive from being passionate about what you can learn next! You’ll only benefit from growing your skills and this will open doors to further opportunities. Remember tech is constantly evolving and so you need to stay up to date on the latest coding languages and techniques to remain in demand. 

Build a portfolio

Having a portfolio is crucial in software development, with Hiring Managers often wanting to see one with an application. The products and software you work on are likely to be very different from organisation to organisation. A portfolio is a great way of showcasing your knowledge, skills and the impact you have made. You’ll be able to demonstrate your problem-solving skills, coding abilities and teamwork through tangible evidence. 

A step further from this? Try including references or testimonials from your colleagues or managers, to show the true value of your work!

Confidence in communication

A position in software development is more collaborative than you might think! When developing products or software, you may work with different project managers or stakeholders to discuss requirements. Great communication is key to ensure a shared vision, eliminating barriers of miscommunication or potential risks from misunderstanding. Efficient communication is built over time through building your confidence. Make sure you are getting involved with each meeting or stand up, listen attentively, and engage effectively with your team.

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