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CSR Policy

Read our CSR policy and how we uphold our Corporate Social Responsibilities respect of the environment, the wider communities, suppliers and all stakeholder groups. 

  1.       About the policy

Gravitas Recruitment Group is committed to upholding our Corporate Social Responsibilities in respect of the environment, the wider communities, suppliers and all stakeholder groups namely;

(a)            Employees

(b)             Customers: clients/candidates

Our mission is “To be a highly profitable company offering exclusive opportunities to develop long term rewarding careers”. In achieving this we are committed to pursuing ethical business practices. Also raising staff awareness towards the importance of social, economic and environmental responsibilities to ensure a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.

In particular, we are committed to:

(a)            Creating mutually beneficial communities for all stakeholders

(b)            Supporting the wider community by sharing our skills and knowledge

(c)             Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment

(d)            Effective protection of the environment and prudent use of natural resources

(e)            Supporting charities through group activities

(f)             Supporting employees in their own charitable fundraising

(g)            Promoting diversity and quality

(h)            Assisting clients and candidates with conducting best practice recruitment

(i)              Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone

(j)              Upholding the Gravitas values of Respect, Integrity, Passion and Excellence

       2. Gravitas Recruitment Group will demonstrate this commitment by:

(a)            Promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration throughout our stakeholder communities

(b)            Continuously improving our environmental, social and economic performance to maximise our positives and minimise our

(c)              effects on the environment and society

(d)            Complying with all relevant legislation and regulations

(e)            Actively encouraging and monitoring responsible environmental, social and economic performance by our suppliers & contractors

(f)             Raising awareness of and encouraging action for ethical recruitment practices amongst employees and clients

(g)            Giving something back through company charity initiative Gravitas Gives and supporting employees in personal fundraising efforts

(h)            Making our values an integral part of our culture

           3. We are committed to continuous monitoring and improvement in our performance in the following areas:

(a)            Supporting our communities through our knowledge, expertise and skills

(b)            Charitable giving

(c)             Employee diversity

(d)            Stakeholder satisfaction

(e)            Resource efficiency – monitor sensor lighting, reduced standby timing

(f)             Reduction of carbon emissions through reduction of employee travel by private car, increasing the use of public transport and encouraging active travel

(g)            Promotion of webinars

(h)            Waste reduction, reuse and recycling

(i)              Use of open plan offices to ensure maximum use of space

        4. The Corporate Social Responsibility will be reviewed annually in line with business objectives and amended as appropriate.

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